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Modernize intelligent contracting for sales

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Visionary sales leaders follow a revenue leadership mindset. Conga can help you analyze the full customer lifecycle and seize revenue opportunities.

In this download, we'll cover:

Choosing the right technology to evolve the revenue lifecycle beyond traditional sales activities
Extending visibility from traditional sales activities to the full contract and end-to-end customer lifecycle
Gaining key selling insights from contracts

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Reaching the desired future state of sales means the cycle no longer stops with a closed-won opportunity. This thought process requires closing the visibility gap to allow revenue lifecycle leaders to understand each contract's obligations and actual lifetime value to power accurate and complete forecasting for cross-sells, upsells, and renewals—and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Implementing a contract intelligence platform allows you to extract dates, terms, and other critical information from existing contracts. It then aggregates this data into a searchable, centralized repository where it can be leveraged to provide end-to-end contract insights.

Conga Contract Intelligence captures terms and language from contract documents to help sales leaders create a steady stream of post-signature revenue opportunities. Our robust, data-driven dashboards help you proactively manage every aspect of the revenue process. This allows you to get a complete, accurate view of contract terms regardless of where and how the original contract was created.