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Is your third-party eSignature vendor getting in-between you and your customer?

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As eSignature experts for business, our primary focus is to empower our customers with the ability to provide their clients a hassle-free, streamlined e-signature experience. We understand the significance of a seamless hand-off between your system and the Conga Sign server, ensuring that the transition remains invisible to the signer. This level of seamlessness is achieved through a white-labeled eSign process, where the interface is customized to reflect your unique brand identity. Our goal is to enhance your eSignature workflow, making it effortless and efficient for both you and your customers. 

Like many other organizations, chances are you work with third-party vendors, integrating their technologies into your processes, web portals, and apps. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your brand is front and center as you engage with customers—particularly at the signature phase of a deal. An inconsistent experience that introduces a technology vendor’s brand mid-way through an online transaction can be confusing, to say the least. And, no one wants a third-party vendor stealing their thunder, especially at the closing of a deal or the beginning of a transaction. When they click the Apply Now button on your website, it shouldn’t feel like they are being sent to another separate company. 

Your customers know and trust your brand 

Custom eSignature puts your brand—and your customer—first. The Conga Sign approach revolves around empowering customers to fully customize the digital transaction experience, right from the beginning up until the eSignature process. This level of customization is especially crucial in customer-facing and B2B transactions. One key aspect we focus on is email invitations and notifications, recognizing that email remains the most effective means of informing customers about documents ready for e-signature. However, if the customer fails to recognize the sender, trust may be compromised, leading to transaction abandonment. For instance, let's consider John B., who anticipates an email from his bank or insurance provider, inviting him to e-sign a document. Instead, he receives an email from an e-signature service provider. Given that the transaction involves entering personal information into an online form prior to e-signing, John becomes suspicious, fearing a potential phishing attempt or virus. Consequently, he decides to err on the side of caution and deletes the email. 

I think the biggest impact has been on our instructors...not having to deal with paperwork, making sure that they have the right template, or worrying about how it looks at the end. All that’s taken care of with Conga...the signature is always in the right format, it's always in the right place, and it's always uploaded where it should be.

April Bellas
Director of Salesforce and Marketing
Diplomatic Language Services


Some e-signature providers simply won’t give up their brand name—putting their interests ahead of yours. At Conga, we understand that your customers trust your brand—so we enable you to put your name and branding front and center across the entire digital transaction. 

While white-labeled eSignature may not seem like a must-have feature, details like these make all the difference. Research shows that 43% of email recipients will delete a message based solely on the email address or "From" name.[1] To avoid such a high level of abandonment, the best practice is to select an eSignature solution that enables you to customize your emails with your own logo, colors, and design—not a third-party vendor’s.  

Don’t pay to use an e-signature provider that is taking the opportunity to promote their own business. Those signing your digital documents and receiving emails from your brand should only receive your branded experience. 

Easy eSignature for all 

With Conga Sign, customizing the branding is not a capability that only the IT department can handle. Conga Sign provides the most flexible and scalable solution to support all your signing and agreement automation needs. Whether you use our web application or integrate our solution into your core business applications, Conga Sign is easy to use for signers, senders, and developers. You can customize the email templates and brand them easily. White-labeling is important because it affects customer adoption and adoption is what determines time-to-ROI and ROI value. For more recommendations on how to avoid common friction points that can cause customers to abandon the e-signature process and how our eSignature product can support your organization top to bottom, demo Conga Sign today.

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