Banking master class: part two

Driving innovation through AI-powered operation workflows 

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing banking in the digital era
3 ways to harness AI to gain a revenue advantage
How to calculate potential business impacts of AI

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Join Conga for our next insightful webinar as we delve into the transformative power of AI in banking operations. We’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of AI in financial services, learn how to calculate its potential business impacts, and uncover three key strategies to harness AI for profitable growth.

AI is reshaping the financial landscape and banking experiences. Our expert panel will guide you on leveraging AI to get ahead of the competition and translate these implementations into improved customer satisfaction. Whether you're aiming to enhance document generation accuracy, automate workflows, or leverage AI for smarter data analysis, this webinar is essential for banking professionals seeking to drive innovation and growth through AI-powered operation workflows.

This master class is designed to support firms of any size and level of automation maturity. Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and learn from industry leaders about the future of AI in banking. Register now to stay at the forefront of banking innovation!

Past webinar recap: Banking master class: part one

In our first session of Conga’s Banking Master Class, our industry leaders uncovered the 6 dimensions of the Revenue Advantage, highlighted common roadblocks that make up what Conga defines as The Revenue Friction Zone, and discussed the business impacts of automating critical financial documents like loan agreements and account openings. We highlighted three key features of document automation that drive immediate ROI and showcased a live demo by Conga’s Product Marketing Manager, Brad Brochocki, creating, sending, and eSigning a document—all in under 60 seconds! In case you missed it, get the full recap or watch the recording.

Presented By:

Suman Chakraborty headshot
Suman Chakraborty
Technical Associate of Financial Services & Technology Cognizant
David Rose headshot
David Rose
Financial Service Partner Lead and Cloud Computing Executive Amazon Web Services
Anthony Bear headshot
Anthony Bear
VP of Financial Services Conga
Brad Brochocki headshot
Brad Brochocki
Sr. Product Marketing Manager Conga

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