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Conga expands beyond Salesforce into new clouds 

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Conga’s latest release expands its product line beyond Salesforce’s AppExchange, presenting fresh opportunities on the horizon and empowering it to enter and compete in previously unexplored markets. 

In this download we'll cover:

451 Research’s take on Conga’s fall 2023 product release
Benefits of integrating solutions on the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud
451 Research’s perspective on Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Management strategy


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451 Research’s insights on Conga’s fall 2023 release marks a milestone for Conga. Introducing several advances and the launch of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud—aimed at bolstering its "crush the stack" and "land and expand" strategies—the release marks an expansion beyond the company's traditional Salesforce Inc. AppExchange market.  

Enhancements include the launch of Conga Sign and Conga Composer on the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud and new features for the Conga Contract Intelligence, Conga Contracts for Salesforce, and Conga Manage & Fulfill products.