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101 essential ChatGPT prompts for Salesforce admins

10 min read

The right prompts make all the difference. In this download, we provide AI prompts to help you go from task taker to task maker (and beyond) in your Salesforce admin career. 

In this download we'll cover:

101 ChatGPT prompts to take your Salesforce admin career to the next level
40 ChatGPT prompts on leveraging Conga Composer for automating document creation
Tips and tricks to streamline your workflows and improve revenue operations

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ChatGPT is more than just a trendy AI tool. It can be a tactical resource to propel your career—and Brainiate Academy and Conga are here to help you harness it. Each actionable ChatGPT prompt serves as a pivotal step on your journey to mastering Salesforce, elevating your skills, and amplifying your professional presence. 

This download offers prompts to support: 

  • Career advancement
  • Soft skills
  • Technical skills
  • Personal development
  • Job searching
  • Education and training
  • Professional development
  • Company culture
  • Professional branding
  • Work-life balance
  • Salary and compensation
  • Team management
  • Problem -solving
  • Identifying document creation processes
  • Benefits of Conga Composer
  • Communication strategies
  • Training and support
  • Change management
  • Creating templates 

With expert crafted prompts, you can learn to think differently, strategically guide your actions, and propel your Salesforce admin career to the next level. Get started today!