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Control processes and ensure compliance with Conga Contracts 

Learn how you can easily automate your contracting processes and mitigate risk with Conga Contracts

Facets and features 

Conga Contracts automates and standardizes the contracting lifecycle to increase speed, lower risk, and ensure compliance. Built specifically for legal and procurement department use, it manages both buy- and sell-side contracts and works with any customer relationship management (CRM) tool. 

Gain key insights into renewals, expirations, cycle times, and workloads with its centralized contract repository and reporting capabilities.  

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Central contract repository

Store, locate, and search all contracts in a central, secure contract repository. Manage all contract lifecycle stages including request, negotiate, activate, terminate, renew, and amend. Leverage a tree view of the related contracts to easily navigate down from a company into the individual contracts needing review. 

  • Clause Library 
    • Store commonly used clauses and alternates in the library.
    • Speed up contract creation and negotiations with pre-approved legal language that’s easily accessible.  
  • Contract Creation 
    • Leverage existing company metadata to create a new contract profile. Use a dynamic guided request process for the data collection needed for each contract type.  
    • Save time for all parties by ensuring all relevant contract data is clearly captured and business rules are followed. 
  • Alert Notifications 
    • Create and deliver automated notifications for each step in the contracting process via reporting capabilities or individual alerts.  
    • Stay on top of critical milestones like contract renewals and expirations. 
  • Reporting, Analytics and Search 
    • Enable standard and ad hoc reports on contract status and timelines as well as a configurable dashboard. Global search enables any user to search across any record in the system and key words in the documents, along with the ability to query complex searches.  
    • Easily create reports and dashboards and refine your processes to continually improve. Save time accessing your contract insights. 
  • Contract Import and Data Extraction 
    • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically extract contracts, key contract terms, and ingest that into the contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool for accurate reporting and risk mitigation. Also bring third-party contracts into the system to track, compare, map fields, and identify clauses to be saved. 
    • Use AI, machine learning (ML), and Conga’s in-house attorneys for verification to gain strategic insights, ensure accurate reporting, and mitigate risk. 
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Workflow and negotiation 

Take advantage of workflow capabilities designed to work within the negotiation process. Easily keep track of document versions with a clear audit trail that stores all changes. Send for approval and invite collaboration for an improved customer experience. 

Conga Contracts product interface
  • MS Word Plug-in 
    • An intuitive plug-in allowing your clause library to run inside of Microsoft Word. Edit contracts in Word and save the edits directly back to the system. 
    • Minimize the amount of local saving and ensure everyone uses the same central repository. Drive adoption of the CLM system by utilizing familiar tools like Microsoft Word.   
  • Workflow Designer and Approvals 
    • Automatically route tasks to appropriate parties and track interactions and cycle times. Approve in the system or by email with configurable sequential and parallel approvals.  
    • Standardize the contracting process with automated workflows and ensure an audit trail. Approve faster with the configurability of the approval capabilities.  
  • Negotiation Portal 
    • This feature provides a collaborative workspace that gives secure access for buyers and sellers to invite participants to a negotiation to share information, exchange documents, negotiate contracts, and sign documents. 
    • Added security for contract negotiations to meet compliance standards.   
  • Redlining and true-up 
    • Automatically track changes and record accepted changes in your system of record.   
    • Ensure all redlines are tracked and easily view the version history to see how the contract has changed over time. 
  • eSignature Integration 
    • Sign or capture a signature from any connected device, on the go. Use Conga Sign or leverage the integration with other providers. 
    • Signature status is automatically tracked within the agreement record providing you accurate visibility and options for the signature experience to meet your unique business needs. 

Supplier management 

Manage workflows, profiles, tasks and contracts on a project basis to more efficiently manage your suppliers and the contractual relationships. Gain clear visibility into each supplier along with key performance insights to guide strategic decisions.  

  • Project Management 
    • Conga Contracts provides record-based organization of contracts under project profiles, with project specific workflows, tasks, and documents.  
    • This feature enables you to increase the organization and visibility of contracts related to specific engagements.  
  • Supplier Registration and Portal 
    • Allow your suppliers to self-register their information and fill out documents to be stored on their company profile. 
    • This feature helps minimize data entry by putting the onus on the suppliers. 
  • Supplier Scorecards 
    • Conga Contracts allows you to create custom quantifiable scorecards for your companies, contracts, and projects. 
    • This feature allows you to rate your suppliers and gain insight into performance. 
Conga Contracts product interface

How teams use Conga Contracts

    • Conga Contracts for legal

      Conga Contracts helps legal manage business and compliance risk by standardizing the contracting process and providing more control of clause language, negotiations, amendments, and obligations.    

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    • Conga Contracts for procurement

      Conga Contracts standardizes purchasing terms for all contracts; provides better control of negotiations, amendments, and other sources of contract risk; and enables better control of budget and spending.   

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See how Conga Contracts can help

Simple to use and easy to set up and implement, yet an efficient and powerful contract management tool.