PatientPoint Processes Contracts 9-10x Faster by Partnering with Conga

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Leading patient engagement platform accelerates contract processing speed and drives ROI with leading document management solutions

BROOMFIELD, COLO. – April 28, 2022 – Conga, the global leader in scalable revenue lifecycle management solutions, today announced it is helping leading patient engagement platform PatientPoint® digitize and automate its contract processes with a unified, end-to-end solution, empowering the company to save time, money, and resources and allowing for greater productivity among its sales teams.

PatientPoint’s innovative, tech-enabled patient engagement platform delivers more personalized, relevant, and effective doctor-patient interactions across the entire care journey. More than 140 thousand healthcare providers and 500 hospitals trust PatientPoint to help them increase practice efficiencies, enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes.

Prior to partnering with Conga, PatientPoint’s processes involved a manual PDF-based operation that included several steps across many departments. The Cincinnati-based company’s Local Client Solutions team processes about 12,000 documents annually, and in many cases, documents were incomplete or needed to be redone. At the same time, the PatientPoint team was having difficulty keeping track of projects reported across different Salesforce objects and lacked a unified location where a sales representative or manager could manage active projects. Prior to Conga, all PatientPoint document systems were housed in different places and didn’t interact.

To address these challenges, PatientPoint implemented a full contract lifecycle management solution with Conga Contracts for Salesforce, including tools such as Conga Composer, Conga Orchestrate, Conga Grid, and Conga Sign to automate the company’s document activity, including document generation, routing and approvals and signatures. This has led to improved operational efficiency, accelerated sales cycles and faster time-to-revenue. By implementing Conga’s solutions, PatientPoint’s time to process a contract decreased from 30-45 minutes to just 3-5 minutes and contributed to a return on investment equal to a full-time employee. In addition, PatientPoint experienced a significant reduction in cost savings per seat with Conga Sign compared to its previous eSignature provider, leading to substantial annual savings.

Conga is the leader in managing contracts end-to-end, streamlining contract and lifecycle management for efficiency and insights. Through its Composer, Grid, Sign, Orchestrate and broader revenue lifecycle management solutions, Conga helps thousands of organizations transform manual and disjointed processes to improve employee and customer experiences, increase accuracy, speed cycle times and lower risk.

“As digital transformation and the demand for increased productivity continues to rise, more companies recognize the need for automated and scalable business operations solutions,” said Zachary Thomas, Vice President of Product Marketing, Conga. “Like PatientPoint’s experience, implementing Conga’s solutions streamlines the document management process and optimizes workflow to accelerate project management and reduce costs to help successfully navigate these new market dynamics. We are delighted to partner with PatientPoint to help support their digitization efforts for continued business success.”

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Conga crushes complexity within an increasingly complex world. With our revenue lifecycle management solution, we transform your unique complexities for order configuration, execution, fulfillment, and contract renewal processes with a single critical insights data model that adapts to ever-changing business requirements and aligns the understanding and efforts of every team.  

Our approach is grounded in the Conga Way, a framework of entrepreneurial spirit and achieving together to champion our 11,000+ customers. We’re committed to our customers and to removing complexity in an increasingly complex world. Our solutions quickly adapt to changing business models so you can normalize your revenue operations.

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PatientPoint® is the patient engagement platform that more providers trust. Our innovative, tech-enabled solutions create more effective doctor-patient interactions and deliver high value for patients, providers, and healthcare sponsors. Through our nearly 140k unique healthcare provider relationships, PatientPoint’s solutions impact roughly 750 million patient visits each year, further advancing our mission of making every doctor-patient engagement better®. Learn more at

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