Ott Law Firm Leans on Conga to Digitize its Document Creation and Signature Process

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Technology-forward law firm seeks digitization and organization, built to scale, with Conga Composer and Sign
BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Nov. 4, 2021 Conga, the global leader in Commercial and Revenue Operations transformation, today announced Ott Law Firm has automated its document creation and signature processes with Conga Composer and Conga Sign. As a result, Ott can generate documents faster while leveraging Salesforce for accuracy and a digital paper trail. It also benefits from a simplified contract execution process with Conga’s modern eSignature solution. 
Ott Law Firm works with several clients across the areas of litigation, business services, estate planning and intellectual property. As a technology-forward law firm, Ott Law engages a broad range of assistive technologies and leverages well-developed trial litigation and strategic insights to practice successfully in a wide variety of areas. The firm utilizes human and technological assets to pursue objectives in litigation, finance and conflict management on a large scale for a broad set of client types.
Given the nature of its business, Ott generates a myriad of documents, ranging from client agreements to discovery documents and more. The firm must complete onboarding paperwork and several other documents each time Ott takes on a new client, and some cases also require generated medical record requests and case numbers. In addition, Ott needs to leverage Salesforce as its source of truth and obtain a digital paper trail for all cases in its system. Conga offered the right set of solutions to address all of Ott’s needs.  
“Our cases involve a lot of paper, but having the necessary documents is critical to ensuring we don’t run afoul of the court. Because of this, digitizing our documents was a necessary step and no-brainer, but we needed the right partner to help with doing so. With Conga’s technology, we have gained flexibility combined with the ability to scale without bottlenecks,” said Joseph Ott, Owner, Ott Law Firm. “Our business moves fast, but Conga helps us keep up the pace. We’re appreciative of the team’s support and know Conga will be an imperative partner as we expand to more cities and grow in the coming years.”
Ott has already experienced improvements to its contract generation and signing process with Conga Composer and Conga Sign. Benefits with Conga Composer include error-free digital documents and the ability to easily build, manage and work on documents online. Ott can also merge data from Salesforce into documents with accuracy and consistency and automate each templated document’s creation. With Conga Sign, Ott can streamline its workflow processes and business by receiving secure and legally binding signatures, tracking clients’ signing progress, and easily integrating contract data with Salesforce. 
“Paper-based processes are oftentimes one of the biggest contributors to inefficiencies and slowdowns across legal teams. They’re also cause for headaches across legal departments simply due to the large volume of documents law firms generate. We’re excited to help Ott Law Firm solve for these common challenges by digitizing documents and paper-based processes,” said Noel Goggin, CEO, Conga. “Like Ott Law Firm, many law firms and legal teams are benefitting from leveraging Salesforce and Conga. But this is just the beginning of our support for the legal industry. Those who adapt and embrace digitization will realize success in 2022 and long-term benefits for years to come.”  
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