Conga Helps Diplomatic Language Services Increase Productivity by 70%

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Language services provider automates manual contract and document management processes with Conga Composer, Conga Sign and Conga Grid within Salesforce

BROOMFIELD, COLO. – Jan. 25, 2023 Diplomatic Language Solutions, a major provider of foreign language services to the federal government, military, and private sector, saw a 70 percent increase in productivity after implementing Conga revenue solutions.

Conga, the global leader in Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions, today announced that Diplomatic Language Services (DLS) selected Conga to manage and streamline contracts and to help enhance the learning experience of customers, instructors, and clients. Diplomatic Language Services (DLS) saved 15-30 minutes per record after implementing Conga.

Diplomatic Language Services provides language training, translation, interpretation, and linguist testing for over 85 languages and dialects. As a government contractor with a wide product portfolio, Diplomatic Language Services has numerous custom processes to fulfill and saw an opportunity to fine-tune and connect their siloed contract and document management processes.

Diplomatic Language Services’ instructors previously needed to manually generate progress reports for each of their clients with unique requirements, causing the documents to be time-consuming and error-prone. These reports then moved through an approval cycle with little visibility into the status of each document and if they were shared with each client. In addition, Diplomatic Language Services previously used DocuSign for signature processes and licensing, but experienced high license costs as a result.

The organization implemented Conga Composer within Salesforce to optimize its contract processes. The integration of this solution has enabled Diplomatic Language Services’ instructors to create, distribute, sign, and track all necessary documentation in one streamlined and centralized location. After the successful adoption of Conga Composer, Diplomatic Language Services integrated Conga Grid and Conga Sign into its daily operations.

Diplomatic Language Services expanded the use of these solutions to all teams across the organization. The front-end operations and student services teams generate certifications, door signs, and dozens of other documents with the help of Conga Composer. Furthermore, Conga Grid enables Diplomatic Language Services' team of administrators to track and update records in bulk, conserving time and cost. The company has also saved thousands of dollars in licensing costs after switching from DocuSign to Conga Sign for eSignatures.

“The biggest impact has been on our instructors,” says April Bellas, Director of Salesforce and Marketing at Diplomatic Language Services. “Not having to deal with paperwork, make sure that they have the right template, or worry about how it looks at the end. All that’s taken care of with Conga. We're able to merge that into the actual template and provide it to our client and to our students. The signature is always in the right format, it's always in the right place, and it's always uploaded where it should be.”

Since implementing Conga, Diplomatic Language Services has also been able to reduce their response time which has improved their opportunity win rate, effectively futureproofing their business.

“Manual, time-consuming contract generation and document management processes can bog down teams, reducing the quality of service that they’re able to provide to customers,” said Noel Goggin, CEO and Culture Leader at Conga. “With the right solutions in place to help automate and streamline contracts, those difficulties can be removed altogether. We’re excited to help Diplomatic Language Services overcome these challenges through automation and democratizing their services and processes. We look forward to continuing our ongoing partnership with this unique governmental and education services organization.”

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About Diplomatic Language Services

Diplomatic Language Services is an accredited provider of foreign language training and related services to U.S. Government, Military, and private sector clients. Established in 1985, DLS has been a leading full-service provider of language services for more than 35 years, including foreign language and cultural training, linguist placement, translation and interpretation, and curriculum development. We maintain a single objective: understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Learn more at or follow on Twitter: @diplomaticls

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