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Conga Billing helps you grow revenue by automating billing and invoice management.  Bill for blended business models, including subscription services, physical goods, professional services, and usage-based or consumption-based services.

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Billing managementInvoicingSingle view of all orders 

Billing management 

Automatically generate invoices from assets ordered, quoted, or contracted on a defined schedule or manually.   

  • Subscription Billing 
    • With subscription billing, you can bill customers at the frequency that the customer desires (monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly). 
    • The flexibility to bill a customer on the frequency that they desire improves the customer buying experience. 
  • Usage Billing  
    • Usage billing provides the ability to  define products based on usage consumption, to define pricing tiers, to capture the usage consumption, and to bill the customer at the end of the service period. 
    • This allows you to increase overall revenue by providing the flexibility to offer customers various billing options based on consumption.  
  • Billing Adjustments 
    • Billing adjustments is the ability to adjust the billing schedule based on changes, cancellations, or renewals.  
    • With this feature, you can automate the process of amending billing schedules based on any changes to the subscription, ultimately reducing billing errors. 
Conga Billing product interface


Invoice per your customers’ requests with customizable billing for full orders, partial orders, or split orders. 

Conga Billing product interface
  • Invoice Creation 
    • Conga Billing can Extend billing into invoicing with an invoice run that can be done manually or scheduled for a specific time.   
    • This feature ensures invoices are correct because they come directly from the configured order that was accepted by the customer and contains accurate information and billing terms.  
  • Credit Memos 
    • The invoice run can generate credit memos for billing schedules with a negative fee amount. Approvals can be assigned based on the credit amount.   
    • This feature reduces liability and ensures the proper invoiced amount is credited. 
  • Invoice Aging and Dunning 
    • Once a due date is passed, based on the length of aging, you can send various reminder emails/dunning emails to the customer contact.
    • This feature drives efficiency in collections.  

Single view of all orders  

A single location to view all orders created from any source and to manage all billing administration.   

  • Billing Console  
    • The billing console provides One location for administrators to set up all billing configurations, including invoice and credit memo templates and customer communications.   
    • This feature greatly improves the efficiency of managing all billing processes and helps guarantee consistent branded customer communication.    
  • Order Dashboard 
    • Users have access to an order dashboard to view details of an order, including order header, order lines, fulfillment lines, partial shipments, and notes and attachments. 
    • This feature improves the customer’s buying experience and increases upsell and cross-sell revenue through a better understanding of what the customer currently owns.   
Conga Billing product interface
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Conga Billing for sales

Conga Billing enables a more efficient selling process by improving the entire revenue lifecycle, ultimately driving higher win rates with greater margins. Conga Billing is seamlessly integrated with Conga CPQ, enabling organizations to provide mixed billing (any billing type and frequency) directly from what was configured and quoted to a customer. 

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Conga Billing enables organizations to grow revenue with multiple business models like subscription services, usage-based services, physical goods, and professional services on a single invoice.

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