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Streamline the healthcare contract experience

More time for patients, less for paperwork. Contract management software for hospitals and healthcare organizations allows you to simplify patient enrollment, onboarding, claims processing, and billing while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Other benefits include

Offering convenience
Lowering costs
Automating processes

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Saving money and time with better tools

As an insurance company, Allianz Care produces a lot of documentation. Manual, cumbersome processes were slowing them down and taking time away from value-added tasks.

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...moving to Conga really opened up the world and the possibilities. I knew what we should be able to do in managing our contracts, and I now know we actually can do it. That’s really exciting

Donna Caldwell
Director Provider of Contracts
Molina Healthcare

3x faster template generation

Molina Healthcare boosted their template generation by 3x with Conga CLM.

30-45 minutes to 3-5 minutes

PatientPoint reduced their contract processing time by 9x.

75% faster approval time

QuintilesMS boosted their contract process while meeting stakeholder requirements.

Smarter contracts for better communication

Contracting solutions to improve those vital relationships with payers, providers, and networks.

Payer provider contracting

Dynamically generate contracts and get signatures while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Unified documentation

Create branded and compliant documentation that is easily accessible by users.

Improved contract accuracy

Ensure data integrity and accuracy across all systems, such as claims, payments and eligibility.

Manageable data

Add, sort, filter, and manage large batches of medical data in a secure repository.

Healthcare risk management

Manage risk and regulatory compliance.

Claims management

Ensure data integrity across all systems, including payments and eligibility.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Crush complexity. Deliver growth.

Conga drives predictable business growth by aligning processes, teams, and technology under a single data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle.