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Composer + Sign. Together on AWS Marketplace.

Harness the full power of Conga and AWS to optimize document automation and gain a Revenue Advantage

Effortlessly sign and manage docs

Sign and manage agreements electronically anytime, anywhere—all in one device-friendly solution 

Drive cost efficiency

Unbeatable affordability with 30%-40% lower eSign costs and a scalable solution for large-scale operations

Safeguard your data

Use signer authentication via email, SMS text code, Q&A, and more to secure your documents and data

Fast and accurate eSignature

Conga Sign fits into your existing business processes to quickly and accurately capture eSignatures

Nearmap accelerates revenue with Conga solutions & AWS Marketplace

By leveraging AWS Marketplace to buy Conga solutions, Nearmap was able to streamline back-end operations because all Marketplace purchases are invoiced, tracked, and managed through a single AWS billing system.

Accurate quote generation, 12x faster

With Conga Composer API, document-intensive processes can be automated, branded, and efficient. Easily embed document generation into any application in your revenue lifecycle and populate templates with data from any system of record for seamless, accurate document automation at every touchpoint. 

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93% faster signatures, affordably

See faster signatures for faster revenue with Conga Sign, an affordable, cutting-edge solution designed to streamline your document workflows and enhance the signing experience. Save costs compared to leading competitors and retire AWS cloud spend commitments (via EDP) with Conga in AWS Marketplace. 

What's in it for you?

Flexible deployment

Embed document generation solutions into any website, application, and/or platform, and populate documents with data from any source while sending and saving those documents as needed. 

Spend reduction

Optimize spend, consolidate vendors, and save on document generation with Conga Composer. Purchase on the AWS Marketplace to take advantage of your AWS Enterprise Discount Program benefits. 

White labeling

Trust is key. Our white labeling prioritizes your brand, fostering stronger client relationships. Customize every interaction to reflect your integrity and commitment to exceptional experiences.

Expand document generation use cases

With automated, on-brand document generation added to your existing workflows, you’ll increase organizational productivity, accuracy, and consistency—and provide a seamless customer experience. 

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Retire EDP commitments and consolidate billing and invoicing

Up to 100% of Conga purchases in AWS Marketplace fulfill AWS cloud spend commitments through the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). Conga solutions purchased in AWS Marketplace means consolidated billing and invoicing to your AWS biller account in the AWS Management Console. 

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Boost business cycles and increase responsiveness to customers, while reducing manual work with Conga Composer + Sign. Get out of the Revenue Friction Zone and gain a Revenue Advantage. 

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