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Elevate document automation with Composer from AWS Marketplace

Streamline document workflows, consolidate vendors, and optimize spend—all while meeting the document needs of every department—with Conga Composer

Populate documents with data from anywhere

With Conga Composer API, easily embed document generation solutions into any application and populate templates with data from any system of record.

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Conga Composer available in AWS Marketplace

Conga Composer is available in AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software—making it easier to consolidate billing & invoicing, fast-track vendor onboarding, and fulfill AWS cloud spend commitments (via EDP).

Expand document generation use cases

With automated, on-brand document generation added to your existing workflows, you’ll increase organization productivity, accuracy, and consistency—and provide a seamless customer experience.

Flexible deployment

Conga Composer allows you to embed document generation solutions into any website, application, and/or platform, and populate documents with data from any source while sending and saving those documents as needed.

Spend reduction

Optimize spend, consolidate vendors, and save on  document generation with Conga Composer. Purchase on the AWS Marketplace to take advantage of your AWS Enterprise Discount Program benefits.

Document generation

Conga Composer provides multiple options for creating the template that will become your beautiful document and getting it ready to progress in the document process.

Document accuracy

Automating document generation removes the manual copying and pasting of data into documents. You’ll always be certain you have the correct information, which avoids costly mistakes and redos.

Document presentation

Ensure your documents are on-brand and free from formatting errors with Conga Composer. This speeds up sales cycles and gives teams time back to work on developing relationships and driving revenue.

Document delivery

Conga Composer provides multiple options for sending, signing, and saving documents. You’ll have everything you need to complete every document transaction and drive process efficiency for your business.

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Without Conga’s ability to automate essential document creation, updating, and delivery, we’d have to hire a part-time employee to do it all manually and it would be difficult to run our business effectively and efficiently.

Jason Gabrieli
Financial Advisor
HFM Investment Advisors

Learn more about Conga Composers’ AWS Marketplace availability

Boost business cycles and increase responsiveness to customers, while reducing manual work with Conga Composer.