Success story: What Conga Composer did for FineMark Bank


June 28, 2017

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FineMark Bank & Trust had a document problem. As a private bank and wealth and asset management company, their small staff had to meet a significant need, namely creating all of the documents required of financial institutions to remain compliant.

Learn more about this common challenge--and how FineMark solved it--in this video:

For FineMark, document creation was slow and inefficient. Employees were manually transferring detailed client data into Word documents. Massive amounts of information had to be transferred, and a massive number of documents had to be produced. This critical process that employees performed on a day-to-day basis was creating a severe bottleneck:

  • In one trust department, 4-5 employees spent 12-16 hours a week manually inputting information into documents.
  • In the information package for one type of trust, there are up to 9 documents of up to 11 pages each. The trust group was manually inputting information into each of the documents in the package.

The document generation process was more difficult still because it was critical for staff to maintain accuracy and precision regarding sensitive financial information. Like any similar process, the manual data transfer created significant potential for error. FineMark’s Salesforce Admin wanted to sell leadership on the efficiency gains that Conga Composer could create. She built out templates for the trust information package described above, and was able to generate the correct package of documents for two clients in 20 seconds – the time it took her to log in, go to the client record, and push a button. Making the case for the ROI was easy: vastly improved efficiency and fewer errors.

  • FineMark has improved document generation efficiency 30% since implementing Composer, and plans to deploy the solution across other departments.

As a small, client-centered organization, FineMark’s efficiency gains through Conga Composer allow staff to focus more time and effort on their clients, without adding headcount. Hear Kim Wargo, FineMark’s Associate Vice President and Salesforce Administrator, talk about what Conga Composer has done for her organization in this 2-minute video.    


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