A spotlight on Conga’s Core Values: Meet Lizzy Painter


May 18, 2017

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At Conga, our team culture is a core part of who we are as a company. We think Conga is a great place to work, and we want to share our experiences—and our team!—with the world. In our Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing readers to the talented folks in the Conga offices, and sharing how they’re finding success on this high-growth, fast-paced team.

Today we’re talking to Lizzy Painter to learn more about her role in Conga's marketing organization, and how she applies Conga's Core Values to her day-to-day work.

1.  How long have you been with Conga, and what is your role?

My journey with Conga is quite the story. I started working with Novatus in January of 2014, directly after graduating from college. Initially, I held a general freelance position in Marketing, then I became a full-time Graphic Designer. Novatus grew rapidly in the following months and I was promoted to  Marketing Manager. Fast forward to April 2016, when Conga acquired Novatus and I transitioned into my current role of Demand Generation Manager for Marketing. I currently run demand gen for the Conga Novatus and Conga Contracts product lines.

2. You are a recent winner of a Conga Core Values Award, which is quite an honor. What do Conga's core values mean to you?

In February of this year, I was given the Adapt to Win Award for Core Values. This award is truly an honor! Following the acquisition, I was asked to adapt to a new role in Marketing – Demand Generation. While initially unsure of how the new position would evolve, I willingly accepted and since that time, I worked hard to succeed and have developed a passion for this new position. The Core Values represent our shared drive for success and what we stand for as a company. These values are Conga’s guiding principles and the values that I strive to embody daily in my role.

3.  Why do you do what you do?

Ever heard the saying: choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life? For me, that job IS within marketing. I’m not going to lie and say there are never challenging days, when I’d rather be at home in my pj’s, but most days I love it!

4.  What makes your day?

Seeing the success of the Marketing team. When we all come together and crush a new product launch or an event like Conga Connect, it’s truly rewarding.

5.  What do you do when you aren’t working for Conga?

I’m most likely at the beach, doing some sort of home improvement project with my husband, or watching movies and hanging out with the dogs.

6.  If you could tell everyone one thing about Conga, what would it be?

I must say this is a pretty awesome job. I get to come in and market some awesome products that provide tremendous value in any organization.

7.  Anything else you’d like to add?

Conga is awesome! Hands down, the best job I’ve ever had.


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