End the year on a high note: Achieve greater efficiency with document automation


November 16, 2017

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Heading down the fiscal year home stretch, one of the big questions for many teams is how they’re going to squeeze in that last little bit of sales revenue or order fulfillment. That is, if they can somehow find their way out from underneath the massive pile of documents and emails piling up in front of them. If you’re on a sales, procurement, or legal team, you know how this works. The end of the year comes and suddenly your workload grows like a weed. Everything is a priority and every opportunity seems to be a “make-or-break” moment for your quarter or year-end quotas. You use a whole host of different documents to manage the crush. You pull the data you need from Salesforce and other systems, and then produce each individual document through every step of your process...manually. Cutting and pasting, entering and re-entering data, staying on top of version control—all of it slows down workflows, creates confusion, and can even lead to costly mistakes. This is the old way of doing things, and it no longer works in today’s fast-paced environment. But process automation does. Conga’s document automation solutions streamline workflows in Salesforce, create coherence across your team and others, and enforce accuracy critical to maximizing your time and productivity. Here’s how sales, procurement, and legal teams can move beyond the old way of doing things and get ahead on year-end efficiency. Sales: Greater visibility, speed, and efficiency When sales deals pile up at the end of the year, you need to move them along by getting quotes, proposals, and contracts out to prospects and buyers quickly. There’s no room for error and no time to be wasted on manual effort. Automating sales documentation lets you:

  • Identify quick year-end wins with an easy and comprehensive view into all Salesforce Accounts
  • Quickly generate quotes, proposals, and contracts with one click
  • Auto-populate “smart” document templates with the right CRM data
  • Expedite the contract stage of the buyer’s cycle by selecting pre-approved terms and conditions from a clause library

Procurement: Crucial oversight for stronger cost control and faster fulfillment Handling leftover budget is a fire drill procurement teams know well. Making sense of extensive order requirements, getting the necessary approvals, and prioritizing which teams need what makes the job harder than it has to be. So it’s no wonder that mistakes occur, important orders fall by the wayside, and sign-offs don’t happen when they’re supposed to. Without comprehensive oversight, procurement suffers. Instead, automate the procurement lifecycle to:

  • Review orders and priorities faster to stay on top of your workload
  • Follow the approval chain of command and check off requirements as needed
  • Edit contracts and agreements without fear of losing the latest versions
  • Access a digital trail of all user activity for easy reference

Legal: Streamlined processes, less wait time The reality for legal teams is that every detail counts. That’s why the process of creating, negotiating, and approving detailed contracts takes on a much longer life than revenue targets and your organization as a whole can afford. The time and effort required to oversee contracts run counter to the need for year-end efficiency. Automating the contract lifecycle lets you:

  • Produce contracts and other legal documents from anywhere, at any time, via automated access to multiple platforms
  • Pull the most up-to-date CRM data and sync back changes to make sure all stakeholders have access to the latest information
  • Exercise secure version control and user permissions
  • Keep other teams apprised of their contract statuses through real-time tracking and reporting

Document automation solutions help ensure that productivity doesn’t lag when it counts the most. From closing more deals, to locking down the right vendors, to speeding through contracts and negotiations without missing a beat—or a detail, automating document processes gives every organization a final boost in efficiency and sets you up with confidence for the new year ahead. With the end of the year fast approaching, learn more about Conga’s document automation software by downloading the The Path to Year-End Efficiency: Making the Most of Your Use-It-Or-Lose-It Budget.  


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