Why documents are still a key part of business


July 18, 2017

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While so much of business takes place in electronic format, documents are still the building blocks of daily interactions. Even if a piece of paper is never printed, a majority of everyday business activities still take place through documents. Think account plans, work orders, quotes, bids, contracts, and reports, among many others. Having solid document generation, that pulls the right information from your CRM into a templated document that looks the way you want it to, is a critical piece of good overall process automation. And process automation is the key to adapting to and thriving in an ever more automated world.  

How 2 Companies Used Conga Composer to Solve Their Document Challenges

Consider how two companies in different verticals (Telecommunications and Healthcare/Medical Devices) have used Composer in different ways to confront specific business challenges and resolve them through our document generation solution.


Telnexus, a Northern California-based communication service provider that delivers VoIP solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises around the Bay Area, faced some common document generation challenges:

  • Disjointed document generation processes. As it grew, Telnexus was relying on legacy systems across the business that didn’t integrate well. Employees had to use multiple databases to retrieve needed information.
  • Inefficiency and inconsistency. This multi-touch process led to inconsistent document branding and excessive time spent on entering orders and retrieving information from Salesforce.

How Composer helped Telnexus address these challenges:

  • Automated six processes across the business. After implementing Composer for quotes, the company realized the potential use cases and solved document pain points around invoices, work orders, customer statements, and more.
  • Provided consistent customer experience across all levels of engagement. Documents were appropriately and professionally branded across the business.
  • Improved Salesforce adoption. Sales reps now input accurate, timely data into Salesforce, as it is directly tied to quote to cash process, making the CRM an accurate record of all documents.

This has meant some concrete gains for Telnexus:

  • 40 hrs/wk time back, and able to reallocate one full head count from manual data input to other activities
  • “We’ve been able to use Conga Composer to leverage our entire business, so we’ve created all of our customer documents based on this technology,” said Vernon Keenan, Telnexus CEO. “We’ve created a real-time information system…we’ve grown 100x in terms of productivity.”

Read the entire Telnexus story here.


Enovate Medical

A manufacturer of mobile and wall-mounted computer workstations, medication transport-storage systems, and power systems, Enovate Medical faced several document pain points.

  • Manual work order and case log generation. Field reps were spending 30 minutes per work order, with 20 reps each creating 10-15 per month.
  • Order errors and lack of clarity. Manual generation produced errors and status wasn’t always updated in the company’s Salesforce org.

How Enovate Medical used Composer to solve for its document generation needs:

  • Streamlined and automated the order process. The sales team can generate work orders and case logs while on the road through a template that pulls data from Salesforce, and then update the CRM through Chatter.
  • Improved efficiency and visibility. Enovate slashed work order generation time for its field reps and guaranteed more consistent document reporting within Salesforce.

This has improved document processes for Enovate Medical, leading to:

  • Time savings of 5-8 hours a month – plus no more time spent correcting orders.
  • Improved data accuracy in Salesforce. Orders now match the Opportunity, reducing errors and automatically logging order information in the CRM.

Read more about how Enovate Medical solved their document challenges with Conga Composer.


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