CRM, QTC, AI and other acronyms


July 13, 2017

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In our sphere, there are so many acronyms it’s like swimming in alphabet soup. But there were some interesting developments in the past couple of weeks. CRM, AI (always!) and Quote To Cash (QTC) have made the news. In case you missed them, here are some highlights from the past week: Salesforce introduced several Einstein AI tools for third-party developers - TechCrunch Einstein Intent, Einstein Sentiment, and Einstein Object Detection—this gives you a good idea of what we’ll be seeing those new AI tools used for. Companies Must Heed the Voice (Literally) of the Customer  - DestinationCRM Technologies like Siri and Amazon Echo (Alexa) are coming to the B2B sector. Here’s how this might affect how you connect with your customers and prospects. Why Quote-to-Cash Workflow Automation is a Sales Team’s Best Friend - CustomerThink In the continuing evolution of sales processes (thanks to technology on both the customer side and the sales side) we’ve reached the point where automation of quote-to-cash has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have in order to compete (and provide the experience customers expect.) The Next Big Thing in CRM—E-Commerce - DestinationCRM The title of this article is a whaa--? Here is why it’s worth the read: “What makes e-commerce an upgrade to CRM? Analytics. If you don’t have analytics and machine learning plugged in already, your five-year-old e-commerce system didn’t suddenly become a CRM system. We’re talking about a sea change that snuck up on us.” Best-Kept Secret to Ecosystem Partnering (Hint: It's Not About Money) – MarTech Advisor Here at Conga we like to say we live on Planet Salesforce! This article gives a good description of the reasons why (and how) the Salesforce Ecosystem continues to thrive—and why we’re a proud part of it.    


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