Conga unveils major updates to its System Integrators Partner Program


April 25, 2017

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Conga has unveiled updates to its rapidly growing System Integrators (SI) Partner Program. Originally launched in March 2016, the program has already helped more than 350 partners to integrate Conga’s best-in-class solutions in order to simplify and automate their customers’ Salesforce experience. Conga’s SI Partner Program provides structured engagement with and support for its partners, who come from among the approximately 800 SI/Consulting partners listed in the Salesforce Consulting Partner AppExchange. The program provides customers with strategic guidance, deep technical skills and relevant expertise around Salesforce and AppExchange applications. For partners of all tiers, it offers an array of tools, education and resources that enable partners to successfully implement Conga solutions into joint customers’ environments. “We are incredibly proud of the traction Conga has received within Salesforce’s growing SI/Consulting Partner community,” said Susie Wallingford, Manager, SI Partner Program at Conga. “We spent months seeking feedback from our top partners about the program. We used their insight to make enhancements. Since we unveiled the evolution, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re looking forward to continuing to strengthen our relationships with current Conga partners as forge new partnerships in the community." One of Conga’s top priorities over the past year has been to enhance the SI Partner Program so it rewards the partners that continually bring value to Conga’s customer community. The program now consists of a rewards system, allowing partners to earn points through engagement with both Conga and new customers. The system gives increased value to Conga customers by offering those partners more valuable benefits within the program. "Having implemented Conga with our clients for many years, we see the release of their new partner program as a great step forward to improve collaboration, provide more relevant benefits, and ultimately, increase client success through the use of their innovative solutions," said Hans Hendershot, principal, Eide Bailly. Significant channel growth has been a major focus for Conga in recent months. The enhanced SI Partner Program comes on the heels of strong continued growth of Conga’s OEM Partner Program, which provides partners with the opportunity to embed Conga’s best-in-class solutions into their own tools and solutions to better simplify and automate their customers’ Salesforce experience. Both programs are designed to leverage relationships with partners and assist Conga customers with meeting their highly-targeted needs. Find out more about the SI Partner Program here.


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