The Conga brand: a transformation story

Kelli Blystone

April 22, 2019

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I was fortunate to be able to meet much of the Conga team onsite at Dreamforce 2018. I saw everyone in action—the culmination of months of preparation and planning, all coming together in just a few short days. I was able to experience firsthand the passion and energy that each and every person on this team applies to everything they do, and the excitement they all share for Conga’s rapid growth. I was sold.

When I stepped into the CMO role, I quickly learned that we had a big task ahead of us. The thriving, fun, authentic culture I witnessed at Dreamforce (and throughout the interview process) needed to come to life through its brand and digital form. The company was on the cusp of its third evolution, Conga 3.0. In its first iteration, when Matt Schiltz took over as CEO, the company sought to fill a void in the digital documents space, to solve a need by launching a document generation solution. It did that with Conga Composer, which went on to become the highest-downloaded paid app on the AppExchange.

Conga 2.0 initiated the company’s phase of explosive growth. In order to help even more businesses with their Digital Document Transformations, Conga invested in its people and infrastructure. The Conga user base continued to grow, eventually reaching the over 900,000 global users we serve today, and our leadership recognized the importance of investing in dedicated security. Thanks to the investments made in its second evolution, Conga maintains the confidence of its users through enterprise-class security, meeting a multitude of global compliance, data protection, and regulatory obligations.   

Today, Conga 3.0 is expanding to solve broader problems of the fourth industrial revolution. In a time where everything is connected, Conga serves up an all-in-one, end-to-end Digital Document Transformation Suite that helps businesses unleash the potential in their everyday documents, simplifying and automating the whole process from creation to signature.

But for a company whose entire purpose is transforming and simplifying business for its customers, and whose internal culture thrives on authenticity, transparency, and fun, this is not what we were projecting in our own external appearance. It was time for Conga to undergo a transformation of its own.

Enter We needed to create an experience that would continue to provide the 5-Star value our customers expect, as well as something our employees could be proud to be a part of. At Conga, we are shaped by a set of core values. These values drive everything we do, we live and breathe them, and we wanted them to shine through in the brand and experience we offer to the world:

  • 5-star value—We strive to deliver 5-Star value in every interaction. We define success as mutually beneficial outcomes that delight our community of customers, partners, and employees.

  • Adapt to win—Faced with inevitable change, we succeed by humbly challenging the status quo. We embrace our roles as change agents and our responsibility to continually raise the bar on our products, services, and ourselves.

  • Desire for knowledge—We inherently create knowledge sharing in every conversation. Through an environment focused on problem solving, we empower individuals to take initiative and make decisions.

  • Passion with a purpose—We thrive in an environment where collaboration knows no boundaries. We persistently work to discover the next innovation to drive meaningful impact on the lives of our customers, partners, and employees.

We transformed to reflect our values, and the way we operate and feel internally as a team. In a landscape overrun with hype, we wanted to offer an authentic voice and solution to help our customers succeed—while letting our personality shine through. There’s no reason we can’t let everyone experience what we get to feel every day. We were intentional in how we used our voice, use of color and photography, new iconography, and a reimagined overall digital strategy. So stay awhile, take a look around, and let us know what you think about our fresh, new look. We'll even throw in some before and after side-by-side comparisons to show the full impact of our brand's transformation:

Conga homepage, beforeConga homepage, currently

Conga about page, beforeConga about page, currently

Conga product page, beforeConga product page, currently

And finally, since I have you, if you are feeling inspired or a connection to Conga, its brand and our core values, we are hiring! Come join the family and play a pivotal role in Conga’s 3.0 chapter.


Daniel Incandela is CMO at Conga. A creative, strategic thinker, Incandela has more than 15 years of digital and marketing industry leadership experience. Incandela has led creative teams across myriad industries including the arts, sports and entertainment, sales, cloud and marketing automation

Kelli Blystone

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