A better way to seal the deal


April 28, 2017

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In sales, closing deals is your bread and butter. Unfortunately, the deal that you’re working is like a lot of them. There has been a lot of negotiation and discussion of terms. Each time you have to save the newest version with redlines, add your own, and email it back. You need to check often that you’re working on the correct version. When you send it back to the customer, you assume she’s working on it, but it’s hard to say. The two of you finally agree on terms, then your have to send the contract to legal and wait for their approval. Now you’ve got a final version, you express-mail the contract to the customer for signature, then wait for her to mail it back to you. You can go ahead and update Salesforce while you’re waiting, or you can move ahead and get to work on the next deal... With so many things besides selling taking up your time, it’s a wonder you ever make quota. And you aren’t alone. This is a perfect example of why nearly 2/3rds of a salesperson’s day is spent on activities other than selling (Salesforce Research).   Introducing a better way to seal the deal! Conga Contracts and DocuSign work together seamlessly to help you accelerate the contract process, so you can move negotiations through quickly, close deals faster, and lock in more business – all without ever leaving Salesforce. Imagine this scenario instead. Starting in Conga Contracts, you can kick off negotiations with your buyer by building a contract that already has legal approval, drawing on pre-approved language in a clause library, even choosing bundles of clauses that commonly appear together in given contract types. With one click, you can generate the contract from Conga Composer or Salesforce CPQ and send it to your buyer as an MS Word doc that she can easily redline and return. When you review the redlines, you can simultaneously decide whether to add them to Salesforce with True-Up technology. Versioning difficulties become a thing of the past, you won’t need to go into and update your CRM manually, and your negotiation cycle will be significantly shorter. You gain greater visibility into your contracts, which helps you understand where they are in the cycle. Contract status is visible at a glance with the Contract Progress Bar, so you can identify which contracts need immediate attention. Contract families and related documents are easy to manage and navigate, so you can quickly find what you need. Your entire organization can gain better insight into how its contract processes work with Analytics, providing an understanding of the what, when, and how contracts make their way through the process – and where they stall out. Once your buyer agrees to the final version of the contract, you simply click the “Send for Signature” button, and the document will be generated with Salesforce data and sent instantly via DocuSign. Your buyer simply needs to review and provide electronic signature, which can happen in a matter of minutes, rather than days. No more paper, no more faxing, no more express-mailing. Your customer will be happy with how quick and easy the process is, and you will be able to spend more time on the things you do best: building relationships, educating buyers, and making sales. All this sounds good but you may be wondering, what’s in this for me? Setting up a better method of contracting has huge benefits:

  • 50% faster negotiations
  • 60% faster contract cycles
  • 30% larger renewals
  • 40% savings in contract administration costs

Learn more about Conga Contracts here, or come visit us at DocuSign Momentum in San Francisco, and check out our demo May 3rd at 6:30 in the Partner Theater.  


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