Artificial intelligence in the news


June 23, 2017

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One recent news topic that may be of interest to those in the Salesforce and Contracts ecosystems: artificial intelligence, especially around Salesforce Einstein. In case you missed them, here are some highlights from the past week: Is Your Company Behind in Adopting AI for CRM? – Forbes, June 21 A lot of companies are exploring AI, but there’s a tension between rushing to get ahead of the opportunity as an early adopter, and ensuring that the technology is implemented correctly. According to the article: “The gains from adopting exponential technology quickly can mean permanently trouncing competitors stuck on linear growth trajectories by using antiquated tools. But charging ahead without a clear strategy for success is also fraught with peril. With AI adoption, executive education and intelligent implementation are key.” The article concludes: “2018 will be a pivotal year for enterprise AI adoption. In the next few years, the gap between the winners and the losers will only widen.” Salesforce to use AI to boost your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts – TechRepublic, June 23 Salesforce appears to believe the combination of AI and analytics will prove valuable. “Salesforce launched its Einstein Analytics app portfolio on Thursday, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to boost the analytics capabilities available to users on its CRM platform… Einstein Analytics is supposed to weave AI into those tools so that they provide more effective results.” AI: Where did it come from, where will it go? – ITProPortal, June 15 This article is a fun read, taking a step back from the trends to look at how we got to this point where we are with artificial intelligence, and introducing perspective on the direction it’s going. “Although the development of AI is at an exciting stage, there are still challenges related to the experience and skill required to design new systems.” AI at Conga So where does AI come in at Conga? A couple of our products leverage machine learning to automate processes around documents and contracts. As Conga VP of Product Management Doug Rybacki shared back in April: “Today at Conga we solve business problems using machine learning, AI, and natural language processing. We use bits of data to intelligently create contracts. Conga Composer ‘composes’ documents and contracts through data stored in Salesforce. Now, we ‘decompose’ contracts as well as ‘compose’ them – bringing data back into the core system of record. We can use the data to analyze the business from a contract management perspective. We’re continuing to dig deeper in this as it has many applications across companies of all sizes.” Find out more about Conga Novatus and Conga Contracts.


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