8 signs you need to improve automation


July 26, 2017

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Sometimes the things we need to change the most are the things we can see the least. It’s hard to get an objective look at where we stand. Yet the way work gets done, as well as customer expectations, are changing. We need to evolve in order to keep up – and thrive – in an increasingly automated world. Here are some signs that will help clue you in on the fact that you really, really need automation – even if you don’t know it yet. 1. You keep your contracts on paper – in a filing cabinet!

Contracts are difficult enough to keep track of and manage in electronic form – on paper it’s nearly impossible! Just think, B2B companies manage an average of 20,000-40,000 contracts at one time. If those contracts are on paper, you don’t have a prayer of keeping track of where the contracts are or what they contain. This is a big part of the reason why 12-15% of contracts are actually lost. That’s right, flat-out lost.

Solution: Keep your documents in a searchable digital contract repository, like in Conga Novatus, or use Salesforce as your repository with Conga Contracts. 2. Your team copies data from Salesforce and pastes it into a Word template so they can send out a document.

Copying and pasting takes a lot of time – something that most teams can’t afford in today’s fast-paced, competitive, customer-oriented landscape. It also leads to plenty of errors, introducing mistakes that take a lot of effort to fix and that produce a lot of headaches. It’s easy to lose track of documents created this way (who’s hard drive is that quote on, anyway?), and the documents that go out probably have as many different versions of your branding as you have employees sending them.

Solution: Use Conga Composer to automate document creation, pulling data directly from the Salesforce record into a template in any format, with consistent, appropriate branding on every document sent out. 3. You need an NDA for a customer, and it takes a week to get it, once you request it.

You want to move forward, but it’s hard to feel like you’re on track and moving at speed when you have to wait for other departments to get back to you. Besides, you don’t want to send out a legal document that doesn’t include the essential protections your company needs.

Solution: Self-serve contract creation with Conga Novatus allows you to request your contract through legal and automatically get an approved contract back - within seconds. 4. The data in Salesforce – and your pipeline predictions – are not accurate.

Your sales people want to spend their time selling, not updating Salesforce. Sales are competitive, move fast, and at the same time, have to be exceptionally focused on the customer experience. In the face of these pressures, is it any wonder your sales people don’t like to take the time to go back and re-enter information into your CRM? But if up-to-date data only exists in a spreadsheet on someone’s laptop, your CRM is not going to be an accurate source of information for your company. Bad data means poor predictions, and limited insight into the future. If your Salesforce data isn’t up-to-date, you don’t have a prayer of getting it right.

Solution: Conga ActionGrid provides for effective, easy data management that actually helps your sales team organize their activities, and update them as they move through their day. 5. You missed another contract renewal, you’re stuck with the same unfavorable terms you had last year, and there’s a penalty to pay.

Keeping track of what’s in all those contracts is impossible without some kind of contract lifecycle management solution. No individual can keep all of those terms and conditions, dates, renewals, etc. in mind. Even if you’ve got the world’s most impressive spreadsheet.

Solution: Conga Novatus and Conga Contracts allow you to create automated alert notifications for every conceivable action item that needs to be managed. 6. You want to close your deal before end of quarter, but you miss because you’re waiting on approval from legal.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting the deal almost to the finish line, and then having to wait to finally close it. If you could just take on some of the more basic contracting processes yourself, you’d hit – even exceed – quota much faster.

Solution: Generate a contract out of Conga Contracts using clauses pre-approved by legal; you'll put together bullet-proof agreements, so you don’t have to get a stamp of approval on every single one. 7. You redline the wrong version of a contract.

Once you discover your mistake, this means you have to go back and find your changes, then go through your email to find the version you should have redlined, then redo the redlines on the correct document, then send it back to the other party. This is a huge time sink, and it’s so easy to make mistakes as you go through the process (again)!

Solution: Conga Contracts and Conga Novatus allow you to handle negotiations securely and effectively, updating your contract record as you proceed and cutting out the confusion and mistakes that can occur when trying to go through this process manually. 8. You have to jump all around, from screen to screen and solution to solution, re-entering data into each of them as you go, in order to get anything done.

Need I say more? Technology is supposed to enable us, make our lives easier and more streamlined, but if systems aren’t well integrated, they can actually make our lives more complex and our processes less efficient.

Solution: Conga solutions have been innovated to offer end-to-end automation across business cycles, roles and processes. We can help you streamline, integrate, and automate to accelerate your business, allowing you to thrive in an automated world. To learn more about how our automated solutions can address your business challenges, call us at 303-465-1616, or request a personalized demo.


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