3 reasons you can’t afford not to have document generation


February 22, 2017

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Your company has invested a lot in its Salesforce instance, and you’ve been there to customize its org, and help train the employees to use it. You’ve gone through a lot of effort to rethink and replace old systems with new. Your leadership may not want to add anything else to your existing solution, either because they don’t think it’s needed or because they feel like they can’t afford it. But you need document generation, and here are the reasons why: #1:  Employees are wasting time copying and pasting. This is inefficient and takes time; it’s a manual, labor-intensive, repetitive action that wastes valuable employee time and isn’t the best use of human capital. Even worse, it creates a good chance that errors will be introduced. The wrong total on an invoice, an incorrect close date. #2:  Documents sent to prospects and customers are inconsistent. This means that each person sending out documents might be using his or her own formatting, be using an old template, or forget to use the appropriate version of a document for a given situation. This brand inconsistency can make your company look less than professional. And it can mean that the information going out is outdated or inaccurate. #3:  You can’t track documents that are going out. If you don’t have a document generation solution linked to your CRM, it’s difficult to track when a document went out and whether it contained up-to-date information. If your CRM is a true repository of all information, including all documents sent out, then will provide you with true visibility and insight into your company’s sales process. With a templated document generation solution, manual effort is cut back and so are the errors that come along with it. An approved template creates an appropriate, brand consistent message, and a copy of the document is automatically captured in your CRM. In the end, the solution will more than pay for itself. Download our white paper, “The Salesforce Admin’s Guide to Document Generation,” to take an in-depth look at the benefits of document generation, and to get a roadmap on how to introduce document generation into your org.


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