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Delivering revenue certainty

Maximize operational efficiency by aligning processes, teams, and technology in a unified data model

Conga and AWS are better together

We are making it easier for customers to innovate faster and automate documents, signatures, data, and business processes across systems of record. Together, Conga and AWS enable any organization to securely implement and manage digital transformation at scale. 

AWS partnership

AWS Partner Network (APN) co-sell program 

Achieved status includes Advanced APN Technology Partners, APN Customer Engagements (ACE) co-sell eligibility, the ISV Accelerate Partner Program, and Life Sciences Competency—coming soon!

AWS Marketplace  

Find Conga publicly available in AWS Marketplace, engage with Conga on Private Offers, or work within the Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) or Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO) Programs.

Conga solutions powered by AWS 

Conga is proud to partner with AWS to offer world-class solutions. Composer, Conga Contracts, Conga Contract Intelligence, and Conga Sign are all supported by AWS—with more to come!

About AWS on the Conga blog

Read the "Guide to business transformation in 2022" as well as Conga on the AWS Marketplace—coming soon!

Conga on AWS Marketplace

Consolidated billing and invoicing

By purchasing Conga solutions on AWS Marketplace, you receive consolidated billing and subscription management in the AWS Management Console. 

Special pricing and terms 

Leveraging AWS Marketplace Private Offers, Conga can work with you to curate the right solution, pricing, and terms for your needs—beyond what’s listed publicly on the AWS Marketplace. 

Retire EDP commitments 

Up to 100% of Conga purchases on AWS Marketplace retire spend commitments for AWS Customers who participate in the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). 

Built on trusted AWS services 

Conga proudly offers solutions powered by the world’s leading cloud provider, AWS, and its highly reliable, world-class services. 

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