Conga Composer vs. S-Docs
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Conga Composer vs S-Docs

Discover which document generation solution is better for your business: Conga Composer or S-Docs. Compare features and benefits to find your match. 

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Conga Composer is the go-to solution for creating beautiful, accurate digital documents. Use pre-built or customized templates automatically populated with data from any source. Send consistent and personalized documents that elevate your brand and delight your customers.

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Functionality outside of Salesforce

Conga Composer was built to help generate documents for anyone, with data from anywhere. This means Conga Composer can be embedded directly into your websites, portals, applications, and more. With this level of flexibility, Conga Composer can be used to solve any use case across your entire business—while S-Docs can only generate documents for Salesforce users. 

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Codeless conditional generation

Conga Composer excels in conditional generation by allowing users to dynamically create personalized documents using data from any CRM, ERP, or data source. Its intuitive rule-based logic adjusts content according to specific criteria, ensuring accuracy and relevance. S-Docs only works with Salesforce data and does not handle conditional field generation. 

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No matter your industry, role, or use case, Conga Composer makes it easy to quickly generate error-free documents anywhere and automate processes everywhere. Get rid of process roadblocks, eliminate manual work, and prevent errors to accelerate business revenue. See how Conga Composer can simplify your revenue lifecycle management.

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