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Managing complexity at speed and scale. ​ 

Delivering Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions to create enterprises built for agility, resilience, and growth.

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Successful digital transformation through stakeholder engagement

Experts delve into the latest trends, challenges and best practices in stakeholder engagement.

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Contractually obligated: cybersecurity challenges

Ready to take your CLM knowledge to the next level? Tune into Contractually Obligated today.

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EaaS transformation for manufacturing 

Learn how Equipment-as-a-Service can help accelerate growth and strengthen business resilience. 

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Reinvent operations, increase revenue

Conga and Accenture help companies reinvent revenue operations with effective Revenue Lifecycle Management. By combining Accenture’s deep transformation expertise with Conga's market-leading technology solutions, we deliver profitable growth while managing complexity at speed and scale.  

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Managing and predicting revenue, especially in times of rapid change and constant global instability, is essential for organizations to stay competitive in their pricing and sales operations. Together with Conga, we can help organizations optimize their revenue lifecycle management to streamline and increase efficiencies in their operations.

Michael Heald
Senior Managing Director - Accenture Strategy, Global Lead Ecosystems/Growth, Author & Board Member
Accenture Strategy

How Conga and Accenture can help:  

  • From pure to profitable growth

    Overcome organizational silos and technological challenges to transform revenue across the enterprise while achieving operational excellence.

  • Customer expectations on the rise

    Intelligent automation empowers sales teams to streamline ops, automate tasks, and focus on high-value activities, driving revenue generation.

  • Increasing competition

    Holistic revenue solutions equal power and collaboration. Gain competitive advantage with a comprehensive platform.

  • Keep pace with evolving technology

    AI-backed contracts, quotes and documents save time on admin tasks, enabling more focus on customers and revenue.

  • Demand for privacy and transparency

    As data transparency becomes a competitive differentiator, ensure business processes are faster, compliant, proven, and trusted.

  • Emerging business models

    Instill controls and guardrails in the sales process to enhance pricing strategies that drive decision-making, strategy development, and sales effectiveness.

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Optimizing delivery at speed: providing revenue certainty and operational efficiency

Accelerate speed-to-value through unrivaled strength

With delivery centers in 120 countries, Accenture is an expert in Conga product integration with global experience in complex business transformation, change solutions, and reinventing the enterprise.

Leading technology and trusted industry expertise

Accenture and Conga's one-team approach and ground-breaking tech ensure optimized, speedy, and joint delivery boasting strong track records of success in the most complex and large-scale projects and use cases.

Reduce complexity, deliver certainty, maximize value

Awarded #1 revenue lifecycle management solution*; with customizable APIs, and seamless integration with Salesforce, SAP, and AWS, Conga’s offerings connect and standardize processes across all teams.

* Awarded top leader position by Nucleus Research and Forrester  

Total revenue operation reinvention to embrace complexity and deliver profitable growth

Revenue reinvention enables growth amid complexity. Embrace change to deliver profit. 

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Revenue Lifecycle Management creates an integrated enterprise solution for companies that transforms strategy, operating models, and technology ecosystems to optimize operational and financial performance.  Conga and Accenture have partnered to deliver Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions to create enterprises built for agility, resilience, and growth. Interested in learning more?

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