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Conga Grid

Powerful data insights for Salesforce with Grid.

Need faster Salesforce data management? No problem.

Get an easier way to quickly navigate, visualize, and manage Salesforce data across multiple objects—all from a single, actionable grid. You’ll save time and get cleaner data that’s up-to-date and relevant to you. Result: better documents, higher productivity, happier users, and more insights.

Bring all your data together, for insights and action.
All-around time savings.

With Grid, say goodbye to clicking through Salesforce records over and over to access and update data. Inline edit will save you a ton of time and clicks. Get back hours spent fixing big gaps in your data or making changes across many records. 

Get a 360-degree data view when you search, edit, filter, and sort, so you can see the problems, and update or fix a whole bunch of things at once.

When it’s so much easier and faster, your Salesforce users will actually get data work done. Improve productivity 10x by doing updates and changes in bulk. Update Salesforce data 50% faster. 

Implementing is a snap, too, with pre-built grids based on role. We’re talking minutes to set up.

Uncover what you couldn’t see before. Find your hot opportunities and your stalled deals, and uncover new insights that will help move them all to close.

Salesforce data on your terms.

See your data clearly so you can act decisively. 

View Salesforce lists, related lists, and reports as actionable grids. Filter, group, and digest data easily. 

As a result, see relationships that you couldn’t before and take quicker action. No more wondering what you should do next.

Get users involved, too. You can make priorities clear with conditional formatting. Call out key data points with color, request actions, and track completion of tasks.

We have just what you need to get started. Quick-start Grids specifically designed to address everyday challenges for sales, case management, executive pipeline management, and Salesforce administrators. 

Pricing built for your company.

Grid pricing starts at $18 USD per user per month. 

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Using Conga Grid and Composer, Stan Johnson Company is increasing our productivity, cutting costs, and helping our brokers provide an exceptional experience for their clients.

Will Crowley
Manager, Information Systems, Stan Johnson
See for yourself.

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