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Unleash the power of Conga CPQ—tips and tricks for added value

45 min watch

Gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage Conga CPQ effectively to drive operational excellence and streamline your quoting and configuration processes.

Our Solution Engineering and Professional Services experts provide an in-depth exploration of the solution, focusing on advanced tips and tricks to maximize its value and practical strategies for addressing common use cases.
In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover:

  • Unlocking additional value with advanced features
  • Practical insights for addressing common scenarios
  • Conga CPQ latest features and Solution Engineer favourites

Presented By:

Marija Mockute headshot
Marija Mockute
Customer Success Specialist Conga
Sebastian Joseph black and white headshot
Sebastian Joseph
Associate Principal Solution Architect Conga
Steve Bradburn headshot
Steve Bradburn
Sr Manager, Sales Engineering Conga