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What nobody tells you about succeeding in your Salesforce career

60 min watch

Join Conga experts and our guest speaker, David Giller, Salesforce Enablement Leader at Brainiate, as they discuss how to propel your career forward and how to network effectively to find new opportunities in your Salesforce career.  


In this on-demand webinar webinar, we'll cover:

  • Stumbling blocks in a Salesforce career and how to navigate them, including time-wasting activities.  
  • The many ways Conga Composer will improve accuracy and quality control through automation, reducing error rates and risk of reputational damage.  
  • How to quickly access Salesforce data and automatically insert it into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, as well as PDFs and HTML emails, to populate custom templates, saving time and energy.  

Visit Brainiate academy for David's 101 ChatGPT prompts for Salesforce admins and more resources.

Presented By:

David Giller
Salesforce Enablement Leader Brainiate 
Courtney Finger
Principal, Product Marketing Operations Conga
Colton Lederer
Principal Solutions Engineer Conga