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Optimize your sales process, streamline your customer journey

60 min watch

Many companies face bottlenecks and silos across their revenue process. It can seem daunting to start an innovation process. We can show how it can be done, easily & benefit your customer. Sit back and you will hear from Digital Transformation Officer, Aishling Finnegan, discussing ways to transform your Revenue Operations Process. In addition, we have a Sommelier joining us to also elevate your knowledge in wine!

Join Conga to help you connect the pieces in your digital transformation process by:

  • Breaking down internal silos
  • Maximizing revenue yield
  • Connecting your customer experience

Bring your teams, systems, and processes together to accelerate your business forward.

Presented By:

Ash Finnegan headshot
Ash Finnegan
Digital Transformation Officer Conga
Rachel DeAmbrose headshot
Rachel DeAmbrose
VP, Events & Marketing TechTalk Summits