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These essential forecasting tactics will cut time spent by up to 50%

60 min watch

Some sales teams report spending over 100 combined hours per week on sales forecasting.  

There are better ways to use your time. More time selling. More time hitting quota. More time being proactive instead of reactive.  

Give us 45 minutes to watch this workshop and we’ll put hours back into your week by sharing tips and processes to forecast accurately.  Join Conga’s Jordan Hizel and Chris Houghton along with Wingman’s Pradeep Shridar and to boost forecasting accuracy and accelerate time to revenue.  

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how to:

  •  improve accurate forecasting by accessing and managing your sales data faster than ever before 
  • work faster and more efficiently by aggregating your data into one, easy to access source of truth 
  • reduce customer onboarding time using automated cadences with personalized data 
  • ensure your business is operating off accurate information