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EaaS transformation for the new manufacturing economy

36 min watch

Learn how Equipment-as-a-Service can help accelerate growth and strengthen business resilience with manufacturing servitization. 

In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover:

  • What the new trends are, and key challenges customers are facing in the manufacturing industries 
  • What the hype is around EaaS
  • How the Conga Revenue Lifecycle solution, in collaboration with Wipro, enables companies to offer an innovative product, service, and EaaS model to their customers. 
  • How to empower your sales organisation to configure, contract, and monitor service levels and obligations—so that projected contract margins are ensured. 
  • How to offer multiple pricing, payment, and billing options, including complex subscriptions and usage models. 

Presented By:

Arun Nooli headshot
Arun Nooli
Global Domain and Consulting Head – Industry 4.0 Wipro
Vincent Benoit-Marquie headshot
Vincent Benoit-Marquie
Director of Sales Engineering Conga