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Using data to gain insights into your contracting process

60 min watch

Contracts are a goldmine of data. They contain crucial information about how the business is doing, including customer deal statuses and ongoing partner relationships.  

The rest of the business runs on data-driven decisions; now it’s time for the legal team to get on board.

In this on-demand webinar, we'll discuss:   

  •  What is contract intelligence is and how it helps mitigate contract risk 
  • The impact contract intelligence can have on managing renewals, recession risk analysis, and mergers and acquisitions 
  • How to sign off on smart business with buy-in from both sales and legal to ensure profitability for your organization  

Presented By:

Andy LaVelle
Principal Consultant, Contract Lifecycle Management Slalom Consulting
Mitchell Brucker
Senior Principal Salesforce Global Practice Slalom Consulting
Carolyn Hoffner
Sr. Manager Product Marketing Conga