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COVID-19: the catalyst for change and digital transformation acceleration

Even before COVID-19, digital transformation was one of the top priorities for nearly every organisation. Digital transformation strategies are now more vital than ever – and what organisations do now will impact how well they perform later. 

During this webinar, Conga Digital Transformation Officer Ash Finnegan, discusses how a successful digital transformation project starts with a clear strategy and ends with the successful adoption of technology which enables businesses to accelerate and thrive.

In this on-demand webinar, Ash will discuss:

  • Why digital transformation initiatives should continue amid the current pandemic
  • The challenges that businesses are facing with digital transformation initiatives during these uncertain times
  • Why it is imperative business leaders create an insight-driven digital transformation programme to future proof their organisation

Presented By:

Ash Finnegan headshot
Ash Finnegan
Digital Transformation Officer Conga