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Conga Contracts for Salesforce: tips and tricks 

45 min watch

Learn how to optimize your clauses, clean up your templates, and discover the exciting new features in our latest release. 

Josh Sangster, Director of Product Management at Conga, will discuss what’s on the horizon for Conga Contracts for Salesforce in Conga’s roadmap. 

In this on-demand webinar we present how to: 

  • Optimize the Clause Library features 
  • Clean up templates to take advantage of Clause Bundling 
  • Track important KPIs with Cycle Time Reporting  
  • Integrate to Slack for collaboration 

Presented By:

Josh Sangster headshot
Joshua Sangster
Director of Product Management Conga
Marija Mockute headshot
Marija Mockute
Customer Success Specialist Conga