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Common pitfalls when trying to adopt contract management solutions 

60 min watch

Large technical investments and major changes to your current business processes have their fair share of risk factors. If you’re looking to implement contract management solutions for your team, join the webinar to learn key fundamentals and mistakes to avoid when adopting new contract technology. Discover how to overcome common pitfalls and get the greatest return on your investment. 

In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover

  • Why digital transformation is essential for contract management 
  • Common pitfalls industry experts have seen as they adopt new technology 
  • Solutions to these common pitfalls so that your team is better prepared 

Presented By:

Lauren Benton headshot
Lauren Benton
Salesforce Administrator Daxko
Paul Branch BW headshot
Paul Branch
Chief Networking Officer WorldCC
Schuyler Van Ark headshot
Schuyler Van Ark
Business Transformation Director Conga