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Use business process automation to retain and grow customers

4 min read

Conga offers greater visibility and a faster time to revenue so that your sales team can spend more time where it matters most: with customers.

In this download, we'll cover:

Automating renewals to speed time to revenue
Freeing up time to deliver a better customer experience
Creating an end-to-end process to improve visibility


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Renewing your contracts is vital for your business and for ensuring your customers’ long-term happiness with your solutions. Late, missed, or error-filled renewals stemming from manual processes can prevent you from delivering the best experience possible to your customers. 

Execute and work through your renewals process easily—and quickly—with automation. Eliminating the time spent managing the manual process means delays will disappear and you’ll start seeing revenue faster. By automating the renewal process, your sales team is free to focus more on the valuable opportunity to develop customer relationships and, ultimately, earn more revenue. 

You’ll always know where each renewal is in the customer journey, which means you’ll be able to follow up effectively, efficiently, and prevent the potential of lost revenue. Conga’s revenue automation solutions render the days of manually tracking renewal statuses obsolete, eliminating the possibility of missed expirations and errors.