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Conga Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tips & tricks

45 min watch

Explore the capabilities of Conga CLM - a powerful contract lifecycle management solution!

In this webinar we discuss the core features and functionalities of our solution. Gain insights into how Conga CLM can streamline your contract processes, foster collaboration and drive business growth. Our expert speakers will share best practices and provide practical tips to maximize your contract management solution.

In this on-demand webinar we'll:

• Discuss common challenges faced in CLM processes and how to overcome these

• Show you how to optimize your templates and clause library

• Share our contract performance monitoring and reporting tips

• Speak about the NDA workflow and how Conga uses Conga

Presented By:

Ruskin Kerslake headshot
Ruskin Kerslake
Director of Services Sales Conga
Marjija Mockute headshot
Marija Mockute
Customer Success Specialist Conga
Michelle Brannan headshot
Michelle Brannan
Sr. Technical Curriculum Developer Conga
Bhavinkumar Mistry headshot
Bhavinkumar Mistry
Sr. Technical Architect Conga