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How to generate quotes 12x faster—from a team that did it! 

76 min watch

The "Great Resignation" has forced revenue visionaries to turn to automation to make their existing teams more efficient.  Learn how Conga Composer helped leading engineering and manufacturing company, Despatch, generate quotes 12x faster without increasing staff or workload. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Conga helped Despatch team members:  

  • Address critical challenges like pricing surges with document automation 
  • Align the right stakeholders and datasets for successful implementation 
  • Enable sales for adoption and business impact 

Presented By:

Mark Clementz
Global Sales and CRM Manager Despatch
Roger Dullinger
Marketing Communications Manager Despatch
Kyle Klein
Applications Engineer/CRM Support Despatch
Kelly McCamley
Senior Product Manager – Composer Conga