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Breaking barriers to empower female leaders

60 min watch

Practical advice to increase female representation in the B2B world and beyond 

Recent research by The Journal of Selling indicates that teams led by women often deliver better commercial results, gender disparity is a fact in most B2B sales organizations today.  

During this webinar, Forrester VP Research Director, Caroline Robertson and VP Principal Analyst, Nancy Maluso will share recent data that explores the underlying issues and how females’ experiences compare with their male counterparts and recommendations about how to develop and act on an awareness and commitment to closing this opportunity gap.  

We’ll also be joined by two senior executives, Salesforce EVP & CEO North Europe, Angelique de Vries-Schipperijn, and Conga Digital Transformation Officer, Ash Finnegan, for a panel discussion during which we’ll get past the data to personal experiences.  

Presented By:

Caroline Robertson headshot
Caroline Robertson
VP B2B Marketing and Sales Research Director Forrester
Nancy Maluso headshot
Nancy Maluso
VP Principal Analyst Forrester
Angelique de Vries-Schipperijn headshot
Angelique de Vries-Schipperijn
CEO Nothern Europe Salesforce
Ash Finnegan headshot
Ash Finnegan
Digital Transformation Officer Conga
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