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How AI impacts your contract management process - separate fact from fiction

60 min watch

We see a trend with AI software companies claiming their technology is the one-stop solution to fix the contract team’s inefficiencies. We are here to say it’s not (even though we are one).  
AI does drive efficiencies, like automating manual tasks (i.e., annotating post-signature terms) but it’s not a magic wand that fixes all of your problems. How do you separate fact from fiction?  

In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover:

  • Why AI is imperfect and what that means for the legal industry (I.e., how an 84% accurate algorithm could cost you millions) 
  • How contract managers maintain a database for ever-changing contract templates 
  • How attorney-trained AI models power aggregate visibility into contract obligations for effective tracking and jeopardy management 

Presented By:

Paul Branch headshot
Paul Branch
Chief Networking Officer WORLDCC
Nick Mandelstein headshot
Nick Mandelstein
Sr. Director of Sales Conga