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Unify and enrich the buying experience with Conga Digital Commerce

Improve the buying experience across all channels

Facets and features

Conga Digital Commerce is a critical component of revenue lifecycle management. With Conga Digital Commerce, your customers, partners, and sales reps can place orders—or request and present quotes—through a single digital commerce platform, providing a unified and personalized B2B buying and selling experience.   

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Unified buying experienceDigital commerce platform  

Unified buying experience

Simplify the customer buying experience by providing the same product and pricing information, no matter what channel the customer chooses to engage with your business.  

  • Multi-channel Support 
    • Conga Digital Commerce gives you access to the same order information across all channels to support direct sales, partners, and customers. 
    • This feature allows you to provide a seamless branded buying experience no matter how your customer chooses to engage. 
  • Product Search  
    • Conga CPQ allows multiple ways to search for a product. Select products by using the Browse Catalog list, browse, search bar, or by category to list products based on pre-defined entitlements. 
    • This feature improves your customers’ buying experience by quickly finding the right product configuration. 
  • Recommendations 
    • Conga CPQ provides recommendations for additional products or services based on the item being configured.
    • Increase deal size by offering additional product or service recommendations based on purchased products. 
  • Asset-based Ordering  
    • Conga Digital Commerce provides the ability to re-order assets that have previously been ordered by the customer or cross-sell based on these previously purchased items 
    • This feature ensures a seamless buying experience for the customer and improves customer retention. 
Conga Digital Commerce product interface

Digital commerce platform

Quickly enable a branded B2B storefront that offers a frictionless buying experience with enhanced search, entitlements, and contracted pricing. 

Conga Digital Commerce product interface
  • Software Development Kit 
    • Reference templates are provided to achieve precise brand and business requirements, along with storefront management tools. 
    • Speed to value. Quickly get a B2B storefront up and running utilizing pre-built templates that can be customized to meet your business needs. 
  • Headless Commerce 
    • The API-first approach enables robust configuration capabilities that provide a richer branded buying experience. 
    • Access the same robust CPQ capabilities that are used with direct sales, offering the same feature-rich experience across all channels. 
  • Single Data Model 
    • Ensures that accurate customer information and product/price data is the same across all channels. 
    • Provides a richer buying experience by eliminating the frustration of seeing different prices and product data at different contact points. 

Conga Digital Commerce for IT

Deliver a richer customer buying experience across channels with Conga Digital Commerce. Enable your customers and partners to buy any time through a branded site on a single platform. 

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Offer your customers a better buying experience

Conga Digital Commerce enables a seamless self-service buying experience for complex product and service offerings

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