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Higher approval automation levels with Conga Approvals 

Learn more about how Conga Approvals can transform your approval processes, leading to better business outcomes.

Facets and features

Achieve a higher level of approval workflow automation and elevate business process automation to drive better insight into any Salesforce or approval process. 

Conga Approvals enables you to set up approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, contract terms, agreement clauses, and more. Approvals’ combination of easy-to-use features and detailed insights reduces manual intervention, providing a better user experience for both submitters and approvers. 

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With the right automation, you can create a seamless experience for your customers, drive higher conversion rates, and improve your customer satisfaction scores. Conga Approvals’ automation features are designed to help you manage your approval workflows and scale your business. 

  • Automatic Approvals and Re-approvals 
    • Automatically approve requests that have been previously approved, or that meet custom criteria that are always approved. 
    • Approvals and re-approvals can be a time-consuming task. Reduce the amount of time required for these tasks by automating requests that don’t require manual review.  
  • Flexible Approval Policies 
    • Flexible approval policies allow you to implement if-then scenarios in your approval processes  
    • Using this feature prevents the need for consideration on whether or not an additional approval is required based on the outcome of previous approvals, freeing your team to focus on other tasks.  
  • Approval Matrix 
    • An approval matrix determines assignees based on given criteria. For example, the approver authority may change based on the discount being offered on a sales contract. So different levels of approvers can be assigned based on a given items approval authority. 
    • This feature reduces the time required to train your team on approval policies by offering the ability to embed the proper actions required based on your specific policies.
  • Automated and Dynamic Approvals 
    • Choose to automate select approvals or choose to automate certain steps of approvals and leave other steps to be handled manually. 
    • Automation is key to process optimization, but automation is not always the best option. This feature gives you control over which pieces of your approval process remain manual.  
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Visibility is a critical component of your approval processes. You need to know what’s happening in order to improve it. But the problem with visibility is that it’s often an afterthought when designing approval processes. Conga Approvals’ visualization features create the opportunity to identify bottlenecks, set expectations internally and externally, and speed up your deal cycles.  

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  • Approval Center 
    • Manage approval requests across all business objects in a centralized place. Increase operational efficiency with pre-seeded approval status filters. 
    • A centralized place to manage approvals reduces the amount of time and effort spent on the process, freeing you to focus on other tasks. Most importantly, it’s a way for you to ensure that approvals are moving forward in an efficient manner. 


  • Approval Previews 
    • See who will need to approve your request prior to submitting. 
    • Approval previews automatically set expectations for approval requesters so that they can communicate those timetables to external stakeholders. When potential customers don’t have to guess how long particular parts of the deal cycle will take, it leads to higher win rates.  
  • Approval Summary Page 
    • Clicking through an approval notification email brings an approver to an approval summary page to approve or reject that item. This page contains business information for the person to make the approval decision. This page may be configured per your business requirements. 
    • The approval summary page makes it quicker and easier to review the information needed to make a decision on a request. 


We understand that every business is different, and our goal is to create a product that works for you, rather than one-size-fits-all. No matter the scenario, Conga Approvals has you covered with top-of-the-line approval customization features.  

  • Unlimited Approval Steps 
    •  Conga Approvals can handle any amount of approval steps needed for your processes. 
    • No matter how complex the process, you can automate it with Conga Approvals. The result? A more efficient and effective process for your organization. 
  • Mobile Device Approvals 
    • Approve on the go from your mobile device and via email. 
    • Deal requests don’t always wait for office hours. With mobile device approvals, your deal cycle can keep moving no matter the location of approvers.  
  • Ad Hoc Approvals 
    • This feature allows approvers to be included in one-off or specialty requests without their approval being required in all future requests.  
    • Ad hoc approvals eliminate the need to adjust designated approvers any time a specialty request is made, saving you time and energy.
  • Group Approval Options  
    • Easily identify approval groups within Conga Approvals such as Quorum, Majority, Unanimous, and Percent-Based.  
    • Group approval options make it faster and easier to select approvals needed for certain requests. 
Conga Approvals product interface

Approval Rerouting Features 

It's not uncommon for approvals to be delayed due to slow escalation processes or key approvers being out of the office. This can cause stagnation amidst your deal cycle, which can be frustrating for teams. The reroute feature allows you to reduce time to revenue by keeping approvals moving.  

Conga Approvals product interface
  • Time-based Escalation 
    • If a chosen amount of time has passed without approval, the request will be escalated to the approver of your choosing. 
    • We are all human, and with a lot of irons in the fire, approvals can be left stagnant from time to time. This feature helps keep your deal cycles moving when approvals have been delayed longer than you’d like.  
  • Out-of-office Delegation 
    • This feature allows you to set up conditional approvers when primary approvers are out of the office. 
    • Out-of-office delegation keeps deal cycles in motion despite approver absence.  

How teams use Conga Approvals

    • Conga Approvals for sales

      Sales teams benefit from Conga Approvals with the ability to see what approvals will be needed prior to submitting based on an approvals configuration. Teams also benefit from auto-approvals and auto-reapprovals from stakeholders when their proposal or quote falls within present conditions   

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    • Conga Approvals for finance

      Conga Approvals allows finance teams to configure approvals with an unlimited number of steps, making no process too complex. Conga Approvals also offers the ability to use the Approval Center within Conga Grid so that you can mass approve or mass reject approval with only a few clicks.  


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Conga Approvals is the premier solution for those looking to achieve a higher level of approval workflow automation to drive better insight into any quoting, contracting, or approval process.

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