Data and process automation

Streamline critical workflows

Automate data and workflow processes with Conga 

Automate for productive and efficient processes. 

Achieve a new level of productivity and efficiency when your most critical business processes are streamlined, automated, and connected with our automation solutions. Conga’s business process automation solutions help you grow your business without the added complexity. 

Conga Orchestrate

Automated Salesforce workflows

Create repeatable processes in Salesforce with no coding using Conga Orchestrate. Easily configure, automate, and manage a large number of workflow steps and processes, no matter the complexity.

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Conga Grid

Master your Salesforce data

Get clean, accurate data that’s up-to-date data with Conga Grid. Navigate, visualize, and manage Salesforce data across multiple objects for greater insight—all from a single, actionable grid. 

Conga Approvals

Approvals workflow for CRM

Accelerate approvals with advanced workflow automation and provide a better user experience for both submitters and approvers. Set up approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, terms, clauses, and more with Conga Approvals.

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Conga X-Author for Excel

A complete Excel solution for CRM

Get more out of your CRM and increase user adoption. Conga X-Author for Excel turns Microsoft Excel into a complete user interface for your CRM system, saving hours of administrative work by automating manual processes.

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We’ve achieved great business outcomes from our adoption of Conga’s end to-end suite of solutions.

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