Conga Democratizes Document Process Automation Across Industries

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Conga Orchestrate, Conga Batch and Conga Trigger transaction growth soars nearly 170 percent since 2017

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (Oct. 14, 2019) — Conga®, the leader in end-to-end Digital Document Transformation (DDX), announced at Conga Connect® Europe that companies are fully automating their processes with the Conga Digital Document Transformation Suite. 

Owing to rapid adoption and continued customer success, transaction growth on Conga Orchestrate, Conga Batch and Conga Trigger has grown nearly 170 percent since 2017.

Automation is key to DDX, eliminating the need for clicks to create and send documents 

Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Pulse Survey found that nearly three out of four companies are currently focused on automating manual processes. As companies’ processes become more automated, they realize improvements in speed, accuracy, brand consistency—while freeing up employees to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating tasks. 

No matter where companies are on their digital transformation journey, full transformation is not achievable if the core of their business is still relying on archaic, manual processes. All too often, companies today ask employees to cut and paste data into a previous version of a document, entering the same information into multiple, related versions while hand-delivering or emailing document versions. These manual, mundane processes are slow, cumbersome and error-prone. 

The Conga DDX Suite helps leading companies in their respective industries reduce manual, mundane and recurring tasks related to invoicing, contract renewals, high-compliance activities and more. With no code required to create and send documents or launch processes, Batch, Trigger and Orchestrate are enabling companies to accelerate production times, redirect labor needs and helping maintain compliance and achieve more transparent communications. 

Here are some examples of how Conga’s workflow automation is helping customers from across industries achieve automation and better serve their customers:

  • Financial Services professionals can ensure their organizations are maintaining compliance with the latest industry regulations with the ability to automatically generate, send and execute time-sensitive regulatory forms or security documents. 
  • Healthcare professionals can optimize patient outcomes by eliminating the risk of missed steps when handling critical documents such as clinical trial onboardings, field service reports and healthcare compliance documents.
  • Retail professionals can eliminate manual tasks in recurring employee onboarding tasks such as employment agreements, vendor agreements and supplier contracts while automatically communicating changes to sales incentive programs. 

“Automation is the cornerstone to digital document transformation,” said Doug Rybacki, Chief Technology Officer at Conga. “Conga Orchestrate, Conga Batch and Conga Trigger, go hand-in-hand to help companies establish repeatable, foolproof business processes -- enabling them to spend less time on process and more time on progress.” 

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About Conga

Conga is the leader in end-to-end Digital Document Transformation (DDX). The Conga Digital Document Transformation Suite, which includes Conga Composer® Conga Collaborate™, Conga Contracts™, Conga Grid™, Conga Sign™ and Conga Orchestrate™, drives segment-leading ROI by simplifying and automating intelligent data, documents, contracts, signing and reporting. From document collaboration and creation, through contract management and negotiation, to agreement and eSignature, the Conga Suite has set the standard for automating business productivity through end-to-end Digital Document Transformation.

The company is privately-held and based in Colorado with global operations across North America, in the UK and in Australia. Learn more at or follow Conga on Twitter: @getconga.

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