Conga Announces Winners of 2022 Inspire Awards at Annual Conga Connect Conference  

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Standout customers recognized for being digital transformation change agents, innovators, and leaders in Revenue Lifecycle Management   

BROOMFIELD, COLO. – AUG. 31, 2022 Conga, the global leader in scalable Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions, announced the winners of the 2022 Inspire Awards at the annual Conga Connect Conference in Orlando. The awards acknowledge eight outstanding customers across four key pillars of Revenue Lifecycle Management: Transformation, Efficiency, Customer Experience, and Community. Winners were recognized last night by Conga CEO and Culture Leader, Noel Goggin. 

The Conga Inspire Awards recognize companies who are digital transformation change agents -- intrepid innovators and leaders in revenue operations and contract management utilizing Conga's solutions with demonstrated excellence. The winning companies were selected from among some of the most innovative, market-leading organizations in the world today. 

This year’s winners across the four categories are as follows:

TRANSFORMATION – The Transformation category recognizes companies that are transforming business by leveraging Conga’s solutions to drive returns on investment through unique and transformative ways previously unseen. 

EFFICIENCY – The winners in the Efficiency category are companies that seamlessly automate the tedious, by taking numerous tasks and automating them with Conga solutions, leaving employees to focus on important, value-add business activities.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – The winners in the Customer Experience category highlight companies that are constantly improving the customer experience. These organizations use Conga’s solutions to provide a simple, helpful, and caring experience that separates them from their peers.  

COMMUNITY – The winners in the Conga Community Champion of the Year category are hand nominated by the Conga Community team. They are champions of Conga knowledge on a journey to support their peers in the pursuit of understanding, troubleshooting, and growing the use of Conga Solutions.

“We are beyond proud to acknowledge the many ways in which our customers are innovating in revenue operations and contract management through the use of Conga’s solutions,” said Conga CEO and Culture Leader, Noel Goggin. “The quality of this year’s customer nominations is clear evidence of the power and impact that Revenue Lifecycle Management can have on overall business success. We are thrilled to partner with these customers to help support their digitalization efforts for continued success.”

To learn more about each of the esteemed winners, and what made their nominations stand out, please visit:

About Conga

Conga crushes complexity in an increasingly complex world. With our Revenue Lifecycle Management solution, we transform each company's unique complexities for order configuration, execution, fulfillment, and contract renewal processes with a unified data model that adapts to ever-changing business requirements and aligns the understanding and efforts of every team. Our approach is grounded in the Conga Way, a framework of entrepreneurial spirit and achieving together to champion our 11,000+ customers. We’re committed to our customers and to removing complexity in an increasingly complex world. Our solutions quickly adapt to changing business models so you can normalize your revenue management processes.

Conga has global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at or follow Conga on Twitter: @congahq.

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