Telogis cuts its contract lifecycle process by two weeks with Conga 

Conga CLM helps Telogis stay aligned with its innovative vehicle software solutions
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Telogis, A Verizon Company, is a global, cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) software provider of telematics and fleet-logistics systems. The Telogis MEM platform optimizes and automates businesses to help them drive safety, productivity, and efficiency.


Telogis sent and received contracts and agreements via email and stored them on a shared drive. This manual contract management system hindered visibility and lead to additional challenges:

  • Time-consuming manual process for contracts
  • All contracts managed in Word and through email
  • No visibility into key business data
  • Inability to search or pull reports based on keyword filters
  • Lack of tracking and redlines made edits difficult
  • No audit trails for revision history

Conga’s platform, applications, and features are both robust and flexible! Our contract management process is more organized and efficient than ever before.

Guillermo Pedron
Director of CRM Applications


Conga CLM’s robust features allows the Telogis legal team to track, report, and search through database in one system.  

Business results

With Conga, Telogis generates order forms and contracts with just two clicks, reduces its contract searches from several days to several minutes, overall, shortening its contract lifecycle process by two weeks.


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