AV Flexologic empowers sales team with accurate, on demand quotes 

Conga CPQ helps AV Flexologic weed out manual processes

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With over 30 years of experience, AV Flexologic is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high precision mounting equipment for the flexographic industry. Their motto, ‘We Innovate!’, demonstrates the innovative character of AV Flexologic. The company is based in the Netherlands, with additional offices throughout Europe, the US, and the UK, in addition to their strong partner network of over 30 agents worldwide.


AV Flexologic's manual processes were leading to quoting errors. Their legacy CPQ system could not manage the complex pricing catalog, leading to a slow quoting cycle and other challenges:

  • Manual process resulted in quoting errors
  • Slow, laborious quoting cycle
  • Inability to manage a complex pricing catalog
  • Quoting multiple bundling options and frequent pricing changes
  • Frustration with legacy CPQ system

Conga solutions have been critical in not just transforming our sales operations, but also in making our event sales teams substantially more effective. They now can produce quote immediately, on site at events.

Minus Tjeenk Willink
Vice President
AV Flexologic


With minimal training, AV Flexologic’s sales teams harnessed Conga CPQ as a strategic differentiator at live conferences. During events, the AV Flexologic sales team were able to quote prices, have them signed, sealed, and finalized from the show floor, resulting in decreased turnaround time and a subsequent improvement in revenue generated. 

Business results

  • Improved revenue generation
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Automated quoting process
  • Increased quoting accuracy
  • Control of a complex product/pricing catalogue
  • Mobile optimization
  • Higher employee and customer satisfaction

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