Contract management for payers and providers

Conga’s contract and lifecycle management solutions enable hospital networks, healthcare payers, and other healthcare organizations mitigate risk and manage compliance with agility.

With a native Salesforce integration, Conga’s solutions mean healthcare organizations can:

1) Ensure data integrity and accuracy across all systems, such as claims, payments and eligibility

2) Improve contract efficiency: mass create agreements, regulate legal language, and accelerate cycle times

3) Manage risk and regulatory compliance for HIPPA, GDPR, JCAHO, and more

4) Increase member satisfaction scores and retention with a smoother onboarding and engagement experience

5) Track provider relationship and performance, such as continuing medical education and credentialing requirements

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Mitigate risk and manage compliance with agility 

  • Maximize cost management 

    It’s never been easier to manage performance and obligations while achieving legal and regulatory compliance. End-to-end automated solutions speed up contract management, enable better collaboration across teams and systems, and maximize cost management. This means you can navigate the increasingly complex healthcare landscape while freeing up resources to deliver better patient care and outcomes.  

  • Accelerate contract cycles with control 

    Conga allows organizations to accelerate contract cycles with the ability to generate mass agreements, regulate legal language, and utilize clause libraries, all with step-by-step tracking so you know exactly what stage of the process your contract is in. 

  • Contract integration, end-to-end 

    The key to your success is the tool you’re already using: Salesforce. Built entirely on Salesforce, Conga’s contract and lifecycle management solutions enable healthcare organizations to increase visibility across teams. This ensures you’ll have an integrated data model across all platforms. 

Two nurses looking at a tablet
Woman smiling while holding tablet

Moving to Conga really opened up the world and the possibilities. I knew what we should be able to do in managing our contracts, and I now know we actually can do it. That’s really exciting.

Donna Caldwell
Director Provider Contracts
Molina Healthcare